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Model 1 Accessories

Purpose-designed pans

Cooking Essentials

Model 1 included 7 UNOX original special trays for unlimited cooking possibilities: Sous-Vide Cooking, Dehydrating, Smoking, Steaming, Baking, Roasting, Frying, Pan-frying, Grilling…

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Smoke. Cook. Amaze.


HYPER.Smoker transforms your oven into a smoker. You can use shavings of natural wood and choose from among 10 different smoking intensities directly from the control panel of the oven to amaze even the most demanding of palates.
Moreover you will smoke food using the energy produced in the cooking chamber without further costs and external electrical power supply.

Care and maintenance


Press a button and select the washing mode that is more suitable for the actual degree of dirt. While the oven washes, focus on what counts for your kitchen. The UNOX.Pure filter reduces the carbonate hardness in water, thus avoiding scale deposits inside the oven cooking chamber. Cleaning and rinse agents to combine maximum cleanliness with minimum consumption and long life for your oven.