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Our life-long obsession

We see cooking as a combination of science and art. We have dedicated 30 years to master it. We are obsessed with innovation and excellence. This obsession overflows to everything we do – from customer service to the tiniest screw.

We manufacture every one of our ovens in Italy to guarantee an unbeatable level of quality, reliability and craftsmanship. Now we have a new ambition: to bring the capabilities of the top-level professional ovens to the most exclusive homes!







Cutting Edge

UNOX leverages breakthrough innovation of phisical and digital technology and continually pushes performance boundaries in order to redefine the way food is cooked and experienced. SuperOven is not just another smart object: it is the most scientifically advanced technological product ever brought to a home kitchen.


UNOX blends technology and digital cooking experience to actively challenge the status quo, inspiring people to be the best chefs they can be. When it comes to cooking, UNOX starts with a chef’s vision and works backwards to make this vision come true.


Every detail is unmistakably UNOX, rooted in its lean production philosophy. Each feature has been taken to its cleanest, purest form and then reengineered to perform at its maximum capacity. Because only when you push beyond current limitations, can you truly create something that matters.


Whether it’s a top rated restaurant or a private client, our obsession is satisfying our clients’ needs and aspirations. Our company strives to deliver success. It starts with our people, our products, our services, and it culminates with our clients.

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Quality and environment

The company is organised according to the “lean economy” principles: light, synchronised, metronomic production flows. The elimination of wastes reduces environmental and social externalities to a minimum, resulting in a smooth and rapid supply cycle.

The reduction of the environmental impact has to involve the complete life cycle of the product, both upstream and downstream its production. To UNOX, using every resource accurately means producing with maximum efficiency for today and tomorrow.

Reducing consumption means first of all reducing the environmental and energy impact of those who use UNOX ovens every day. Greater energy efficiency means economic savings for each user and a concrete environmental advantage.