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A tech totem at home

Designed to command attention and dedicated only to those who seek the highest expression of style and taste in every life moment.
SuperOven sets a new benchmark in speed, reliability and cooking quality. Designed with everyday use in mind, but cooking in a way that is beyond imagination.


SuperOven features the same technology, AI and cooking know-how that are currently used in the most advanced restaurant kitchens.
SuperOven sets a new benchmark in speed and reliability for top quality food.

Built-in cooking know-how

Intelligent cooking technologies

30 years of experience in professional cooking technology taught us a few things. SuperOven is the simplest and smartest oven you can think of. Every function is at your fingertips, every dish at the touch of a button.
The SuperOven will do the rest. In addition to that, it will learn from your cooking habits, improving your skills and suggesting recipes. SuperOven is also connected 24/7 with our Chefs who can guide you in the making of the most incredible recipes.


Result-driven cooking

You don’t have to know chemistry and physics to cook your best food. This is what SuperOven intelligence is for. An example? Simply choose “juicy” on the inside and “crispy” on the outside when cooking a chicken and SuperOven will automatically start a 7-step cooking process: from the saturated steam to make the meat softer to progressively raising the temperature and altering humidity for the crispy skin. Our engineers call it “result-driven” cooking. We call it simplicity.


Cook up to 10 dishes at once

Time is your greatest luxury. SuperOven has been designed for extra large cooking capacity, allowing you to save time and energy.
You can now prepare up to 10 dishes at the same time, with total control of each one. You can grill meat and vegetables, pan-fry salmon fillets and roast potatoes, for instance. All at the same time. SuperOven does it for you while you take a shower, open a bottle or enjoy your guests at home.

Built-in special features


Fresh air in the kitchen

SuperOven features a built-in ventilation system that eliminates all odors and vapors within your home. And it eliminates maintainance too, not requiring any cleaning in the years to come. The professional-grade baffle filters ensure impeccable performance and adjust automatically to keep the air fresh and clean at all times.



Every part has been designed with ergonomy in mind.

The SuperOven Tools Base is spacious enough to keep all your cooking accessories perfectly organized. The SuperOven’s two doors sit on top of it, at the ideal height for everyday use, so that all trays are handy and easy to load into the oven.



Model 1

Model 1 boasts two ovens, one powerful integrated hood and a spacious storage compartment. The two ovens allow for multiple cooking processes simultaneously, offering maximum cooking capacity and optimizing time and performance.

Technical Data

Capacity: 4 + 4 trays 325×530 mm

Electrical power: 10 kW

Dimensions: 750x735x2112 mm WxDxH

Weight: 230 Kg

Download Model 1 technical sheet

Model 1S

Model 1S consists of one oven, an integrated hood and a space-saving drawer. Its compact design allows easy integration into the architecture of your new kitchen, becoming a true centerpiece for your home.

Technical Data

Capacity: 4 trays 325×530 mm

Electrical power: 6.2 kW

Dimensions: 750x735x1096 mm WxDxH

Weight: 136 Kg

Download Model 1S technical sheet

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