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Our professional ovens are used by the most demanding chefs to cook impressive quantities of food for 24 hours a day. Every day. They are built to last and to perform under seemingly-impossible conditions. This makes us confident in giving SuperOven a warranty of 7 years or 10.000 hours of cooking that is unmatched by any home oven.


7 year / 10.000 hours of dedicated care

Register online your UNOX SuperOven to extend your warranty to up to 7 years/10,000 hours on spare parts and to up to 12 months/10.000 hours on labour.

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Whenever you need us.

Our ovens are built to last a lifetime. 

As we serve the most demanding restaurants and professional kitchens all over the world, we have built an extensive service network with light-fast response time. In case a problem occurs, we are in our foodservice client’s kitchen in a few hours. So you can be confident that if you need us we will arrive just as quickly.

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