Unox Casa Presents "Starred Living" Exclusively at Salone del Mobile 2024

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A distinctive luxury lifestyle, renewed sensorial experiences at the booth, and the presence of a special guest: EuroCucina – FTK 2024 witnesses the unstoppable growth of the world's unique brand of professional ovens for luxury residences.

Visionary innovation, disruptive culinary experiences, and refined exclusivity define the previews presented by Unox Casa at Salone del Mobile.The brand's flagship products serve as catalysts for 'starred' culinary excellence, entering luxury kitchens for the first time and elevating the Italian design paradigm to new heights, creating a unique and elite lifestyle.

The Unox Casa booth - Pavilion 2, Stand B07 - served as the starting point for an emotional journey into the future of cooking, where design met unparalleled performance, transforming every culinary moment into an unprecedented experience.

Unox Casa Unveils New, Exciting Project at EuroCucina/FTK

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile took center stage in the 2024 design calendar, with Rho Fiera's exhibition spaces hosting the most significant global event for the design and furniture sector from 16th to 21st April. Among the highlights were EuroCucina and FTK (Technology for the Kitchen), which underscored the central role of the domestic kitchen in contemporary living and the profound connection between culinary space and technology.

Building on the success of its Milanese debut in 2022, Unox Casa reaffirmed its market leadership by introducing its iconic designer ovens at EuroCucina 2024. The brand presented these innovations in a brand-new stand, crafted in partnership with DASS S.r.l., showcasing its commitment to continuous improvement and trend anticipation in the international luxury landscape.

"Starred Living": Redefining Domestic Life

Unox Casa unveild a preview of "Starred Living": an elite vision of domestic life where the celebrated culinary excellence of Michelin-starred cuisine meets the unparalleled luxury of exclusive residences for the first time.

By merging the performance of refined restaurants with distinctive Italian design, the signature Unox Casa oven transforms the kitchen into the heart of the home, enhancing the daily culinary experience. Every dish becomes a symphony of flavours and aromas, reminiscent of those crafted by a Michelin-starred chef.

In this vision, haute cuisine becomes the cornerstone of elite living spaces, revolutionising the essence of homeowners' lives and elevating them to a star-studded status.

Unox Casa SuperOven at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa Model 1 and 1S displayed at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa exclusive SuperOven Experience Room
Unox Casa refined SuperOven Experience Room at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa's signature SuperOven Experience at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa's chefs demonstrating SuperOven's performance during the private Experience at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa's Open Experience at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa brand-new Open Experience at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unox Casa Model 1S - Black Edition
Unox Casa new gem: Model 1S - Black Edition, exclusively previewed at Salone del Mobile 2024

The Unox Casa Experiences: Revolutionising Culinary Art

Within the revamped Unox Casa stand, a dedicated space hosted the SuperOven Experience—an exclusive culinary demonstration where Unox Casa chefs guide and entertain guests through the preparation of a three-course menu. This private experience stands as the highlight of the brand, offering a profound insight into the innovation behind the product and the resulting lifestyle.

A new addition this year was the introduction of the "Open Experience" alongside the private demonstration. Through this initiative, chefs showcased the exceptional capabilities of Model 1 to architects, designers, and end customers attending the event, providing them with a unique and unforgettable culinary journey.


The Salone del Mobile presented an unparalleled opportunity to explore Unox Casa's most exclusive innovations. Alongside the new lifestyle concept and the "Open Experience," the brand teased the presence of a special guest on the stand—a figure poised to capture public attention, spark significant interest, and inspire new aesthetic desires.

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