Professional built-in hood

SuperOven features a built-in steam condensation hood with professional active carbon filter that reduces cooking vapours and minimizes odours in the kitchen, keeping the air always fresh and clean. The hood is already set up for installation in the two following modes:
Active carbon filteringIdeal for residential settings where there is no provision for a smoke outlet chimney.
Filtering with extractionIdeal for residential settings where a smoke outlet is provided.
Automation in the kitchenThe built-in hood is fully automatic and managed by the oven throughout all cooking phases, ensuring maximum optimisation and energy efficiency, operating only when necessary.
Blending functionality with a contemporary and sophisticated design, it elevates both the kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.
DesignSophistication and aesthetic order that blend harmoniously into any environment and with other kitchen equipment.
MaterialsEntirely made of stainless steel, resistant and hygienic, and enhanced with an anti-fingerprint front finish.
CleaningOccurs automatically when the oven’s cleaning programme is activated, without requiring any manual intervention.
Professional technology in the kitchenDrawing inspiration from the hoods found in top-tier restaurant kitchens, SuperOven's integrated hood seamlessly combines elegant design with unparalleled filtering or extraction capabilities. The hood condenses cooking fats and purifies them through an active carbon filter.
Cook anything, odours are of no concernSuperOven is designed for everyday use, but its cooking quality exceeds everyday standards. There are endless cooking possibilities: grilling, frying, smoking, dehydrating, steaming, vacuum cooking, and many more.
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