CollectionHere you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Unox Casa ovens.
What can I cook with SuperOven?With SuperOven it is possible to cook any type of food or dish. Its power and precision allow it to perform the most diverse cooking methods such as roasting, frying and grilling, while the production of steam opens the door to delicate and healthy cooking options such as sous-vide cooking.
What is the difference between Model 1 and Model 1S?Model 1 is a column made up of two stacked combi ovens, while Model 1S features a single combi oven. Both have a built-in hood and an accessory drawer.
Why does Model 1 have two cooking chambers?Model 1 has two identical cooking chambers that allow to be more flexible and productive, by giving it the possibility to cook twice as much food or to perform two different cooking methods at once.
How much food can I cook simultaneously?SuperOven has no limits on how much food can be cooked at once. With the MULTI.TIME function, the oven allows to set up to 10 timers at the same time to cook food that needs different cooking times.
How does the built-in hood work?The built-in hood absorbs the cooking vapours with a steam condenser and eliminates odours in the environment through professional active carbon filters. Filtered air, where possible, may be vented outside through a chimney, or re-circulated back into the kitchen if no smoke outlet is provided.
How to install the built-in hood?Two types of installations are possible, one with a smoke outlet and the other without a smoke outlet. The hood is already set up for both types of installation; the configuration is done during the installation phase.
How often should the hood filters be changed?It is advisable to change the filters once a year depending on the use of the oven.
How does the automatic cleaning work?SuperOven is equipped with an automatic cleaning function that allows the detergent to be spread in every corner of the oven. The SENSE.Klean technology estimates the degree of dirt that accumulates during the different cooking processes and recommends the most suitable cleaning program in order to have maximum hygiene without wasting detergent, water and energy.
How many kW does SuperOven absorb?Model 1 absorbs 10kW only in the preheating phase, while Model 1S absorbs 6kW.
What is included in the price?The price of Model 1 includes the unit with the two combi ovens, the hood and the accessory drawer containing 7 trays, the smoker and a bottle of detergent. The price of Model 1S, on the other hand, includes the unit with the single combi oven, the hood and the accessory drawer containing 4 trays, the smoker and a bottle of detergent.
Can I use SuperOven for my restaurant?Unox Casa ovens are equipped with the same technology as the ovens used in the kitchens of the best restaurants and are ideal for both private homes and restaurants with open kitchens. For the catering, retail, pastry and bakery sectors, we recommend you consult the many ranges of products available on
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How long does the warranty last?SuperOven has a warranty of 7 years. For further information, please see the Warranty section of our website.
How do I access the Cook Like a Chef digital platform?Cook Like a Chef is an exclusive digital platform reserved for Unox Casa customers. Login here:
How can I contact you?You can contact us by phone on +39 049 736 1209 or by email at
Where can I see and/or try SuperOven?SuperOven, in its two models, can be viewed in our showroom in Milan and at the best kitchen and furniture retailers.
How can I buy SuperOven?SuperOven can be purchased from our authorised retailers in Italy and abroad.
How can I make an appointment at the showroom?To make an appointment, you can contact us by phone on +39 049 736 1209 or by email at
Where can I find the spec sheets and/or the BIM and DWG files of Model 1 and Model 1S?Spec sheets and/or BIM and DWG files can be downloaded in the Downloads section of our website.
Unox Casa's Model 1S smart oven in a luxurious attic in MilanUnox Casa's Model 1S luxury oven in a design attic in Milan
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